Clan Sinclair Association of Canada

 CREST: a Cock sejant

MOTTO: Commit Thy Work to God

SEPTS: Caird, Clouston, Clyne, Gallie, Linkletter, Lyall, Mason, Flett, Moar,

The Sinclair lineage can be traced back to Norway in the first millenium, through Normandy in France, where there are many places named for St Clair. It is thought the clan's name was taken to Britain by a Norman family from Saint-Clair-sur-l'Elle. In Canada, Sinclairs were among early traders, settlers and soldiers. However, the earliest known visit was that of Prince Henry, Jarl of Orkney. His landfall in Nova Scotia six hundred years ago has been identified from the detailed descriptions in letters written home by his Italian navigator, later published as the Zeno narrative; the Prince Henry Sinclair Memorial in Guysborough NS commemorates this visit. Many Canadians have a strong awareness of our country's Scottish heritage. Highland games are popular summer events, there are Highland and Scottish Country dancers across the country, and children of every background learn the sound of the pipes in local parades. However, Clan Sinclair had no national organization until the 1970s.

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