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CREST: a hand holding a garland of juniper, proper

MOTTO: Spem Successus Alit, Success Nourished Hope

Anderson, Andison, Andrews, Corbet(t), Crow(e), Croy, Denoon, Denune, Dingwall, Duthie, Fair, Gair, Gear, Gillanders, Hagart, Haggart, MacAndrew, MacCullie, MacCulloch, MacLullich, MacTaggart, MacTear, MacTier, MacTire, Taggart, Tullo, Tulloch, Tyre, Vass, Wass

"The first recorded chief appeared about the time of Malcolm the Fourth's reign and evidence of his power and influence in the land is amply reflected by the fact that he was one of the 'seven Maister Men' of Scotland. By the time of completion of the REGISTER OF DUNFERMLINE, the ruling Earl of Ross was known as Malcolm, allegedly a spokesman of substance." The June Quarterly Edition, 1889, of The Scottish Antiquary contains the following information: "Malcolm, Earl of Ross, had a mandate from Malcolm, King of Scots, to protect the monks of Dunfermline, dated at Clackmannan A.D. 1153-65 (Reg. de Dunfermlyn p. 25). He was of the Celtic Family of O'Bealan or Builton, as Sir Robert Gordon writes it (Hist. of Earls of Sutherland). There never was an Earl who bore the surname of Ross, but when the title passed to descendants in the female line, the Lairds of Balnagown assumed the name as male representatives of the Earls. Malcolm must have lived also during the reign of William the Lion, 1165-1214. Ferquhard, second Earl of Ross, founded the Abbey of Ferne in the parish of Edderton in 1230, and dying about 1251 was buried there."

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