Clan Logan Society

One Name - One Family - One Heritage

CREST: A heart Gules pierced by a passion nail Sable

MOTTO: Hoc Majorum Virtus, This is the Valour of our Ancestors

Lagan, Laggan, Leonerd, Loban, Lobban, Loben, Logane, Logan, Logen, Loggan, Loggane, Loggans, Loghane, Loghyn, Login, Logyn, Lopan, Lowgan, Lyndon.

A Short History:
The arms of the Logan family were originally Or three piles Sable conjoined in point, for crest a demi-eagle displayed and motto Luif ane God under ane King. Sir Robert Logan and Sir Walter Logan were two knights chosen to accompany Sir James Douglas on his mission to carry the heart of Robert the Bruce to the Holy Land. They were all killed in Spain by the Saracens in 1330. Thereafter the arms were augmented with passion nails and a heart to become Or three passion nails Sable conjoined in point piercing a heart Gules. The crest changed to a heart Gules pierced by a passion nail Sable and the motto to Hoc majorum virtus (This brave deed of our ancestors).

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