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Graham of Menteith

Graham of Montrose

Red Graham

CREST: a Falcon wings displayed proper with gold beak and talons preying on a silver stork with red claws

MOTTO: Ne Oublie, (Don’t forget)

Airth, Allardyce, Blair, Bonar, Bonnar, Bonner, Bontein, Bontine, Buntain, Bunting, Hadden, Haldane, MacGibbon, MacGilvernock, Menteith, Monteath, Pye, Pyott, Pitcairn, Graeme, Grahame
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Scholars have long debated whence came the people and name Graham. Some say the Grahams are descendants of the Graeme who commanded the armies of Fergus II in 404 AD. Others are equally convinced that they are of Norman descent, while yet others claim a Flemish or even Danish descent. Which are correct? For a complete examination of the subject click HERE to read "Theories on the Origins of the Grahams" by Nellie Graham Lowry, Society Genealogist.

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