Elliot Clan Society of Canada

Modern tartan

CREST: a raised fist holding a sword. It is very likely a form of short sword called a “winger” which was used in the Borders by the lightly armed cavalry known as “mosstroopers”.

MOTTO: Fortiter et Recte: With Strength and Right
Soyez Sage: Be Wise (old motto)

A Short History:
The Elliots have existed as a Clan with a recognized Chief at least from the time of King Robert the Bruce (1306-1329) to the present day. Before the Union of the Crowns in 1603, they held that part of the frontier with England known as “The Middle March” — their Chief usually being appointed Captain of Hermitage Castle in Liddesdale, and they became famous as one of the great “riding” clans of the Scottish borders. Later the Elliots were notable for the part they played as leaders in the expansion of Britain overseas, and in the settlement of the New World, where their independence of character for which the Clan has always been renowned, made them particularly welcome. In the modern world, the Elliots have prospered and the Clan is now widely spread throughout the world.

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