Clan Cameron Association, Ontario Branch



CREST: Five arrows ‘united’ with one another with a gules (red) ribbon or band

MOTTO: Aonaibh Ri Chéile, Let us Unite

Camerario, Camerarius, Chalmers, Chambers, Chlerich, Chlery, Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Cleary, Cleireach, Clerk, Cummings of Achdalieu, Dowie, Gibbon, Gilbert, Gilbertson, Gillonie, Kennedy of Lianachan, Leary, Lonie, Mac a’Chlerich, Mac a’ Cleireach, MacAldowie, MacAlonie, Mac an Taillear, MacChlery, MacChlerich, MacClair, MacClear, MacGillery, MacGillonie, MacGuillonie, MacIldowie, MacKail, MacKell, MacKenzie of Onich & Ballachulish, MacKildowie, MacLlachlan of Coruanan, MacLear, MacLeary, MacLerie, MacMartin, MacMasters of Corrybeg, MacMhaolain, MacMillan of Murlaggan & Caillich, MacOnie, MacOstrich ???, MacOuildowy, MacPhail, MacPhee of Glendessary, MacSorley, MacSorlie, MacUlrig, MacVail, MacVaile, MacVaill, MacVale, MacVee of Glendessary, MacWalrick, Martin, Martinus, Paul, Sorley, Sorlie, Stronach, Taillear of Cowal, Tayler of Cowal, Taylor

A Short History:
The origin of the Cameron name has been much debated but what is not disputed is the clan’s role in Scottish history. A study of the clan’s story reveals involvement in every facet of Scotland’s evolution, from the machinations of warlords to clan feuds to the Jacobite rebellions to the Highland Clearances. Surrounded by land hungry neighbours, geographically situated between powerful factions and caught up in turmoils beyond its control, the clan fought for its land and survival for centuries. “Unite”, the clan’s motto, succinctly expressed the need of a beleaguered people for cohesive action. The Clan Cameron has a recorded history from the fifteenth century, although unsubstantiated histories have its roots reaching back to the supposed first chief, Angus Cameron, living about the year 1000. They resided in the "Cameron Country" of Lochaber, an area roughly 12 by 16 miles near the present day town of Fort William, in Scotland's West Highlands. Clan Cameron is fortunate to have a hereditary chief, descended directly from the earliest days of Camerons living in Lochaber. Since the year 1528 the chiefs of Clan Cameron have been called "Lochiel." If you had a Cameron ancestor living in Scotland, odds are they followed an ancestor of the present Lochiel as their chief.

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